Steak and Guinness pie

Steak Guinness & Stilton Pie

A labour of love ❤️

Have you ever seen a recipie, thought pwoah and jumped straight in only to realise at the second step that giving birth to a child would have been quicker? Well, I would say you live you learn but I do this frequently, I once spent an entire weekend making moussaka. This one however is a real record breaker, as from marinating the beef to setting this down on the dinner table took me no less than three days! Proceed with caution people start this when you have annual leave or a long weekend unless you are a masochist and decide to make the pastry yourself in which case just go ahead and book the week off.

Having said all that, I can however assure you, this is one of the tastiest pies that has ever emerged from my humble half decorated kitchen- seriously folks this is one beautiful tasting pie with the wonderful tender beef in the rich stout gravy (complete with a cheeky squeeze of Marmite) marbled with melted stilton all carefully packaged in puffy pastry, cooked to golden perfection.

That’s enough from me, time for you to go forth and do the British thing of just jolly well getting on with it (and then moaning about it afterwards) so here you have it… Steak, Guinness and Stilton pie.


800kg steak chunks (I used braising steak)

1 onion

Handful fresh thyme

6 cloves crushed garlic

1 can of Guinness

Pinch of fresh black pepper (add some whole peppercorns if you have them)

Knob of butter

1/2 cup of water

Teaspoon Dijon mustard

500g Puff pastry

Egg yolk 


1. Finely slice the onion, strip the thyme leaves and discard the stalks. Add to a large bowl along with the crushed garlic and pepper then pour in the Guinness, cover and leave to marinade for at least three hours if not over night.

2. Separate the liquid from the beef and set the liquid to one side. Tip the flour into a large bowl and season with salt then toss the beef to coat it in the flour.

3. Set a frying pan to a medium heat and add the butter then fry off the beef mixture in batches. I did this in two batches each for about 10 minutes (Top up the butter for the second batch). Transfer the meat to a large casserole dish and cook at 150degrees in the oven for two hours, stirring from time to time. Once the beef is falling apart and the gravy has thickened, remove and bump the heat in the oven to 180degrees.

4. Grease your pie dish with butter. cut out the pastry into two pieces, place one into your pastry dish and set the other half aside. Carefully shape the pastry so it creates a pastry case with slightly over hanging sides. Fill the case with the beef mixture then crumble the stilton on top. Brush the sides of the pastry with egg yolk then place the pastry lid on on top. Carefully pinch the sides to seal the pie. To finish, brush the pie with the remaining egg yolk making sure to cover the whole pie.

5. Place the pie in the oven at 180degrees and cook for roughly 45 minutes until a nice golden crispy crust is achieved.

N.B this recipie is a slight variation of a recipie by an Australian chef called Ben O’Donoghue, posted to

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