Mega Mackerel and Feta Sandwich

Mega Mackerel and Feta Sandwich

Mackerel and Feta Sandwich

The weekend has arrived! My outlook has suddenly shifted from dull grey set menu to fancy dancing tapas lady. ?? I feel footloose, fancy-free and ready to hit the kitchen but before I do, I want to fix my mate Zara up with a cheeky little number which features regularly in the King and pie household and that is a truly gobsmacking Mackerel and Feta sandwich!

TherePeppered mackerel fillets are so many good things about this recipe, the ingredients are cheap, the process is easy and the mastermind that brought it to our attention is our very own national treasure Rick Stein- what’s not to love!

I used peppered mackerel because it’s a real weakness of mine but any veriety will do. Mayonnaise does not feature in the original and I’m sure Rick would be gutted to see its inclusion in this knock off version but we have tried it both with and without and we unanimously agree that it is definitely better with!


1 White Baguette
3 Macrel Fillets – I used peppered mackerel
1tbl Olive oil
1/2 Red onion
2 Tomatoes
1/2 Round lettuce leafs
1/2 lemon
1tsp sumac
2 tbl Mayonnaise


1. Place the mackerel fillets on a grill pan and heat under at a medium temperature until the fillets are hot- 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Prepare the salad by slicing the onion and tomatos and washing and drying the lettuce leafs.

3. Slice the bread open and brush the bottom half with olive oil, place both halfs under the grill to lightly toast on each side. (Don’t take your eyes off them as they can go from toasted to burnt in seconds)

4. Build your sandwich – Spread mayo on the top half, place the salad on the bottom half with the mackerel on top. Squeeze the lemon over the mackerel and add the crumbled feta.

5. Sprinkle the sumac over the top, cut in half and serve.

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Have you got an amazing sandwich recipie? Let me know in the comment box below ?

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