Chicken and Peanut Thai Curry

Chicken and Peanut Thai Curry

Chicken and Peanut Curry

Have you ever insighted a full scale war just by starting -what you think will be- an innocent conversation about food…

…Ok so war is a strong word and perhaps a little bit dramatic, but this is territory I frequently drop myself right in the middle of. I don’t hold perticulaly strong views on many topics but when food is introduced into a conversation a force takes over me, let’s call it the food force and I become unstoppable, pausing only for air and the occasional Google lookup.

Recently, on not one, but two separate occasions, I went to battle to defend gerkins?. The first instance was at my absolute insistence that they are cucumber’s that are pickled (I’m still unclear about the written rule on that one) and secondly, a few weeks down the line, I disclosed the FACT that gerkins are a natural pairing with fish a statement that no one could quite believe!

AnywhoGarnish, before I get embroiled in another session of gerkin based tribulations, I will gladly tell you that I embarked on one war recently that just couldn’t be disputed – peanuts, in a Thai curry are the absolute bomb! (obviously excluding those with a nut allergy to whom that would quite literally be a bomb)!

And so, knowing that just about everyone will love this dish, my offering to you is a wonderful recipie for a chicken and peanut thai curry. This recipie is a very slight variation of one I pinned from a wonderful food blog called scrummy lane and I am forever grateful as it is almost certainly going to make its way into my repotoir of quick and easy weekday meals. If you give this a go let me know and of course if you want to get in on the gerkin debate please make yourself heard in the comments box ✌️


2 chicken breasts
1 tbl oil
2 large garlic cloves
1 red chilli
1 large spring onion

2tbl soy sauce
4tbl peanut butter
1tbl rice vinegar
1tsp honey
1 cup chicken stock
1/2 cup coconut milk


1. Heat the oil on a medium heat and cook the chicken until browned.

2.Peel and crush garlic cloves, thinly slice chilli and the spring onion bulb.

3. Remove the chicken with a slotted spoon and set to one side.

4. Reduce the heat and add the chilli spring onion bulbs and garlic to the pan frying until soft.

5. Now add the soy, peanut butter, honey and rice wine cook for a couple of minutes then add the chicken back in and coat cooking for five minutes.

6. Add the chicken stock and coconut milk simmer gently until sauce thickens (25-30 minutes).

7. Gently break up some peanuts to crumble on top and garnish with some fresh slices of lime, chilli and spring onion.

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