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Hi, i’m Dora King, thank you for checking out ‘The King and Pie’!


I live in leafy Surrey with my brand new husband Adam and our very handsome dog Sidney (Sid). I work full time as a Marketing Assistant and I started The King and Pie because I am fanatical about food, I love cooking it, eating it, talking about it and more recently, taking pictures of it!

My cooking is often eclectic and always plentiful, something I am forever trying to reign in. My Mother raised me on a set of superb homemade staples (her mince and tatties remain unrivalled), and as a result, my comfort food game is strong! My meal planning is often driven by the contents of my fridge – I have a bee on my bonnet about waste so I avoid it at all costs (this is also where having a dog comes in very handy). I love cooking just about everything but my baking skills leave a lot to be desired – something about measuring things and going by the book that doesn’t sit well with me so, if you see anything baked on here, you can expect it to be an easy peasy whisk it together and pop it in the oven kind of deal.

I love nothing more than to get lost in the wonderful world of food and lifestyle blogs. I think it is amazing to be able to type a set of random ingredients into a search box and get back reams of recipes from all over the world. With the help of food blogs, I feel the world really is my oyster and I hope that by documenting my culinary journey in this blog, I could at the very least be giving something back to the hand that feeds me.

I hope you enjoy my posts, if you have any questions or suggestions don’t hold back, pop your comments in a comment shaped box or drop me a line.



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