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Harissa Chicken Wral
Harissa Chicken Wraps Full of flavour, easy to prepare, child/husband friendly – you couldn’t ask for much more from this quick mid week Harissa Chicken Wrap win! I don’t know what quick and easy looks like in your household, but in ours it comes with cheese, tomato and a thin and crispy base. Painful as it is to admit, I am […]

Harissa Chicken Wraps

Collage showing pork and ginger stir fry
Pork in Ginger and Oyster Sauce Recently, I stumbled across a wonderful recipie which uncovered not one but two brand new things to fall in love with… Nigel Slater and Ginger Wine. (I’m talking seperatly here, although I suppose talking to Nigel Slater while drinking ginger wine would be a rather brilliant scenario!?) When it comes to Nigel Slater, I was […]

Pork in Ginger and Oyster Sauce

Chicken and Peanut Curry
Chicken and Peanut Thai Curry Have you ever insighted a full scale war just by starting -what you think will be- an innocent conversation about food… …Ok so war is a strong word and perhaps a little bit dramatic, but this is territory I frequently drop myself right in the middle of. I don’t hold perticulaly strong views on many topics […]

Chicken and Peanut Thai Curry

Mackerel and Feta Sandwich
Mega Mackerel and Feta Sandwich The weekend has arrived! My outlook has suddenly shifted from dull grey set menu to fancy dancing tapas lady. ?? I feel footloose, fancy-free and ready to hit the kitchen but before I do, I want to fix my mate Zara up with a cheeky little number which features regularly in the King and pie household […]

Mega Mackerel and Feta Sandwich

Tortilla Topped Chicken Enchiladas I ❤️ New year’s resolutions… every year I am all over them and this year is no exception. From the little tiny ones; brush Sid’s teeth more often, to the never going to happen ones; fit into my favourite but impossibly teeny tiny tartan trousers, all the way to the really rather odd ones; listen to more […]

Tortilla Topped Chicken Enchiladas