Monthly Archives: October 2015

Apple Crumble
Sunday, the day of rest, roasts and apple crumble. We have the rest side of things pretty much covered, we always manage a bit of a lie in and I usually potter around in the garden drinking tea and playing with Sid, as for the roast well that is always a done deal, Myself and Adam like anything roasted providing it is […]

Apple Crumble

A usual weeknight in ‘The King’ household consists of hummus, spices (hot chilli powder, cumin, smoked paprika) and a limitless supply of breadsticks. I get to work on this the second I walk through the door, it takes about 30 seconds, requires zero thought and means I can take my time over lovingly putting together Dinner. However, last week I decided it was time to break […]

Mushroom and Halloumi Bruschetta

Marrow, chances are you’ve never heard of it. Belonging to the best possible vegetable group- the squash family- this poor vegetable has got to be one of the most widely disliked vegetables ever known to man (ok, that is a big statement but forgive me, I have had a long day and feel the need to be dramatic). I have no idea […]

Stuffed Marrow

Curry night in our household is a well rehearsed almost sacred event. We consistently achieve the perfect curry night by following a winning formula- I faithfully return to my trustee beef madras recipe (never actually tastes like madras but whatever it iswe love it) while we tuck in to poppadoms, drink huge Cobra beers and watch Grand Designs on my iPad. If it […]

Beef Rendang