Cottage Pie Topping 2
Cottage Pie I don’t want to get mixed up in a political debate about the differences between Shepherds and Cottage pie but I just don’t get the cottage thing! Shepherds have sheep, sheep’s begin as lambs, Shepherds pie is made with lamb – I get it. But what is the hell have cottages and cows got to do with each other? […]

Cottage Pie

Harissa Chicken Wral
Harissa Chicken Wraps Full of flavour, easy to prepare, child/husband friendly – you couldn’t ask for much more from this quick mid week Harissa Chicken Wrap win! I don’t know what quick and easy looks like in your household, but in ours it comes with cheese, tomato and a thin and crispy base. Painful as it is to admit, I am […]

Harissa Chicken Wraps

Collage showing pork and ginger stir fry
Pork in Ginger and Oyster Sauce Recently, I stumbled across a wonderful recipie which uncovered not one but two brand new things to fall in love with… Nigel Slater and Ginger Wine. (I’m talking seperatly here, although I suppose talking to Nigel Slater while drinking ginger wine would be a rather brilliant scenario!?) When it comes to Nigel Slater, I was […]

Pork in Ginger and Oyster Sauce

Chicken and Peanut Curry
Chicken and Peanut Thai Curry Have you ever insighted a full scale war just by starting -what you think will be- an innocent conversation about food… …Ok so war is a strong word and perhaps a little bit dramatic, but this is territory I frequently drop myself right in the middle of. I don’t hold perticulaly strong views on many topics […]

Chicken and Peanut Thai Curry

Mackerel and Feta Sandwich
Mega Mackerel and Feta Sandwich The weekend has arrived! My outlook has suddenly shifted from dull grey set menu to fancy dancing tapas lady. ?? I feel footloose, fancy-free and ready to hit the kitchen but before I do, I want to fix my mate Zara up with a cheeky little number which features regularly in the King and pie household […]

Mega Mackerel and Feta Sandwich

Blackbeans and green peppers
Beef in Blackbean Sauce There are two kinds of bargain hunt – the crap TV  one where contestants rumage around a boot sale followed by an eccentric wheeler and dealer with a posh voice and fake tan. And the thrilling real life one where you approach the discount isle of a supermarket ready to rugby tackle grown men in order to […]

Beef in Blackbean Sauce

Tortilla Topped Chicken Enchiladas I ❤️ New year’s resolutions… every year I am all over them and this year is no exception. From the little tiny ones; brush Sid’s teeth more often, to the never going to happen ones; fit into my favourite but impossibly teeny tiny tartan trousers, all the way to the really rather odd ones; listen to more […]

Tortilla Topped Chicken Enchiladas

Chicken and Mushroom Curry Twas the week before Christmas and I’ve been basking in the build up, food’s ordered, canapés planned, gifts nearly wrapped of but these was one final thing that needed taking care of… Tucked away in the depths of my fridge was a little packet of aging chestnut mushrooms and every time I open the door they peek up […]

Chicken & Mushroom Curry

Steak Guinness & Stilton Pie A labour of love ❤️ Have you ever seen a recipie, thought pwoah and jumped straight in only to realise at the second step that giving birth to a child would have been quicker? Well, I would say you live you learn but I do this frequently, I once spent an entire weekend making moussaka. This […]

Steak and Guinness pie

Salmon Fishcakes This week has been a bit of a rollercoaster – I got a new phone – high, I broke my beloved pastry board – low, I went to a great gig with The King- high, I broke my toilet seat simply by sitting on it – embarrassing low. All this instability has left me feeling rather flat but I […]

Salmon Fishcakes

Whole Baked Trout with Mediterranean
Trout – its got a really bad name for itself, always has done and I fear it always will do. When I was growing up, people used the term ‘trout pout’ to describe botched lip filler jobs – offensive to both parties, today things are are not much better as the urban dictionary now describes trout as ‘A 40 something male hanging out in […]

Whole Baked Trout with Mediterranean Vegetables

Rack of Lamb with a Parmesan and Herb Crust
Spring is finally in hooray! No offence Winter, the hot chocolate and endless carbs were good but I can’t say I am going to be sad to see the back of you! Well I guess that is until I loose precisely one hours sleep over it but, its a small price to pay for a little sunshine and sangria. This weekend is a great big long […]

Rack of Lamb with a Parmesan and Herb Crust

Yet more roast action in the King household this weekend, something which becomes a bit of an inevitability when it is Sunday, Winter and well… England! I have been determined to get some video action going on here so I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go choosing Yorkshire Puddings as my subject. I had great fun knocking up this video, my […]

Yorkshire Puddings

Roast Pork Shoulder with Crackling
Well hello Sunday, nice to see you again! Sun really is the operative word today, it is beaming down on us, bringing welcome patches of heat to an otherwise chilly day. I say this as if I have been outside basking in it but truthfully I bailed from the dog walk citing cleaning as my excuse (good get out clause) and have been […]

Roast Pork Shoulder with Crackling

So, I have been really poorly this week, I think I just had too much action last weekend and my body is rebelling. Unfortunately for me, when i’m feeling under the weather I get an insatiable hankering for comfort food and this little bout has been no exception as I have effortlessly worked my way through – macaroni and cheese, fish and chips, baked […]


Sardine Linguini
I’m back! Sorry you didn’t hear a peep from me last week, I was busy celebrating my 27th birthday jam paked with eating, drinking and general ‘Vida Loca’ living, however it is all over for another year now and as my detox gets under way, I am finally ready to share a simply delicious recipe that is going to rock your world. (Unless you don’t like […]

Lip Smackin’ Linguini

Apple Crumble
Sunday, the day of rest, roasts and apple crumble. We have the rest side of things pretty much covered, we always manage a bit of a lie in and I usually potter around in the garden drinking tea and playing with Sid, as for the roast well that is always a done deal, Myself and Adam like anything roasted providing it is […]

Apple Crumble

Spicy Chicken
  If in doubt, buy chicken. This is my philosophy which, to be fair, I rarely have to put into practice. I quite honestly spend most of my days dreaming about exactly what I want to have for dinner, lovingly preparing a shopping list with little headings and the occasional random doodle however, every now and then I get one of those mad […]

Miracle Marinade

A usual weeknight in ‘The King’ household consists of hummus, spices (hot chilli powder, cumin, smoked paprika) and a limitless supply of breadsticks. I get to work on this the second I walk through the door, it takes about 30 seconds, requires zero thought and means I can take my time over lovingly putting together Dinner. However, last week I decided it was time to break […]

Mushroom and Halloumi Bruschetta